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Has the water entered your ship???

In 1923 , eight of the wealthiest people in the world met . Their combined wealth , estimated, exceeded the wealth of the government of the United States (there was no Apple and recession then). These men knew how to make a living and accumulate wealth . It’s very interesting to read about what happened to these 8 wealthiest people in the world , 25 years later …..

So 25 years later……. 1. President of the largest Steel Company , Charles Schwab , died bankrupt . 2. President of the largest Gas Company , Howard Hubson , went insane . 3. One of the greatest commodity traders , Arthur Cutton , died insolvent . 4. President of the New York Stock Exchange, Richard Whitney , wassent to jail . 5. A member of the President’s Cabinet , Albert Fall , was pardoned from jail . 6. The greatest “bear” on Wall Street , Jessie Livermore , committed suicide . 7. President of the world’s greatest monopoly , Ivar Krueger ,committed suicide . 8. President , Bank of International Settlement , Leon Fraser ,committed suicide .

So, what happened? Where did they go wrong? They most certainly made lots and lots of money. They were very wealthy . But what did they lack then? In fact , as much as they knew how to make a living, they forgot to make a life! Instead, they just made Money! Money provides comfort and status, so true. It also provides food for the hungry, medicine for the sick, clothes forthe needy; and shelter for the homeless, yet, noteworthy to mention that is only a medium of exchange.

Our education system needs to share two kinds of education . One that teaches us skills on how to make a living ; and one thatteaches us values on how to live life , free from entrapment of chasing after anillusion of happiness . Many people are entrapped in that chase neglecting health , family ,the social responsibilities , the environment and moment by moment of real deep fresh breathing .The kids are sleeping when we leave home . They are sleeping when we come home . Twenty years later , we WILL turn back , and they’ll all be gone . Same goes for our health, dreams , and purpose in life . Twenty years later , they will all be gone or afar distant memory .

Without water , a ship cannot move . The ship needs water . Yet , if the water gets into the ship, the ship will face problems and potentially sink. Similarly , we live in a time where earning is a necessity ;

but let not the earning enter our hearts ; for , what was once a means of living , will become heavy chain, an entrapment and a means of destruction !!!??? So take a moment and ask yourself …. “Has the water entered my ship ?”

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Financial Freedom by Design

The first mental shift is from financial freedom by accident to financial freedom by design.  Financial freedom must be the center piece of all your work and external activities.  Achieving financial freedom must not be something that happens in a random or haphazard way. It must be something that you specifically think about, define, and plan for continuously. It must become a part of your entire world view.

Today, just as you design your dream house, you must design your financial future.  You must think long term, many years down the road, and make an absolutely clear decision that you are going to achieve specific financial goals on a time table, year by year until you reach the point where you never have to work again unless you want to.

Wealthy People Think in Terms of Prosperity

Another mental shift you have to make in achieving financial freedom is from a survival consciousness to a prosperity consciousness.  Most people are locked into a survival consciousness.  They are worried, guarded and careful about money.

Wealthy people think in terms of prosperity rather than survival. They move from limitation thinking to abundance thinking. Wealthy people look upon the world around them as being full of opportunities to acquire and keep the money and they are constantly looking for ways to do it. They look at every new product and process, every technological market or breakthrough, as a possible opportunity to prosper in some way. Instead of thinking about how little they have, wealthy people are thinking about how much they want to acquire.

Change Your Thinking from Security to Opportunity

Another shift in thinking is from security thoughts to opportunity thoughts.  You don’t achieve financial freedom by playing it safe.  You become financially independent by leading the field.  This doesn’t mean that you risk your money or throw it around.  It means that you are willing to move out of your comfort zone and to try something new and different before everyone else starts trying or doing it.  I have met countless salespeople and businessmen around the country who changed their entire lives by recognizing an opportunity and taking action on it before the vast majority of people woke up to it.  By the time the dust had settled they were well established and had made more money in three or four years than they might have made in 30 or 40 years doing something else in an established field.

Change Your Thinking from Spending to Saving

Another mental shift you must make to achieve financial freedom is to change your thinking from spending to saving.  W. Clement Stone said that, “If you cannot save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you.”  We grow up from a young age spending everything we can get our hands on and a little bit more besides.  The average young married couple in America spends 110% of their income, making up the difference with credit and loans from their families.  With this attitude and approach to life, especially when it becomes a habit, their ability to save, accumulate, and acquire wealth is almost zero.

In study after study on financial independence, it is generally agreed by every expert that you have to save approximately 20% to 30% of your income if you want to finally reach the point where you have enough money so that you’d never have to worry about it again.  The wonderful thing is that, once you begin saving more and more of your income off the top, and living on the rest, you will find that you experience no discomfort at all.  You become quite comfortable living on a lesser amount.

Change Your Thinking from Hoping to Doing

Financial accumulation requires you to change your thinking from wishing and hoping to thinking and doing.  Don’t talk to anyone else about your plans and your activities.  Begin to accumulate money quietly  and confidentially.  Once you begin putting it away, don’t ever let anyone know how much you have.  Refuse to engage about conversations about money or to tell anyone about your financial accumulation account.  There is something about keeping your plans and processes secret that gives them strength and power and causes them to work even more effectively for you.  You will find that wealthy people never talk to others about their money.  They are extremely private.  Wealthy people have learned over time that the more secretive they are, the more effective they seem to be in acquiring and keeping ever greater amounts of money.

The road to financial freedom is and has always been the miracle of compound interest.  When you begin putting money away and then investing it carefully to build a financial estate, the miracle of compound interest clicks in.  As you begin to move toward financial freedom, slowly at first, but then faster and faster as the years pass, you will feel absolutely wonderful about yourself.

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The Laws of Money

One of your major goals in life should be financial independence. You must aim to reach the point where you have enough money so that you never have to worry about money again. The good news is that financial independence is easier to achieve today than it has ever been before.

The Law of Abundance

We live in an abundant universe in which there is sufficient money for all who really want it and are willing to obey the laws governing its acquisition. People become wealthy because they decide to become wealthy. People are poor because they have not yet decided to become rich.

The world is full of thousands of people who have had far more difficulties to overcome than you could ever imagine, and they’ve gone on to be successful anyway. So can you.

The Law of Exchange

Money is the medium through which people exchange their labor in the production of goods and services for the goods and services of others. The amount of money you earn is the measure of the value that others place on your contribution. To increase the amount of money you are getting out, you must increase the value of the work that you are putting in.

The Law of Capital

Your most valuable assets, in terms of cash flow, are your physical and mental capital—your earning ability. How much time you put in and how much of yourself you put into that time largely determine your earning ability. Time and money can be either spent or invested. If you invest your time or money in becoming more knowledgeable and better skilled, you can increase your value.

The Law of Time Perspective

The most successful people in any society are those who take the longest time period into consideration when making their day-to-day decisions. Your ability to practice self-mastery, self-control, and self-denial, to sacrifice in the short term so you can enjoy greater rewards in the long term, is the starting point of developing a long time perspective.

The Law of Saving

Financial freedom comes to people who save 10 percent or more of their income throughout their lifetime. Savings today are what guarantee the security and the possibilities of tomorrow.

The Law of Conservation

It’s not how much you make but how much you keep that determines your financial future. The true measure of how well you are really doing is how much you keep out of the amount that you earn.

The Law of Three

There are three legs to the stool of financial freedom: savings, insurance, and investment. One of your major responsibilities, to yourself and to the people who depend on you, is to build a financial fortress around yourself over the course of your working lifetime. To be fully protected against the unexpected, you require liquid savings equal to two to six months of normal expenses.

The Law of Investing

Investigate before you invest. This is one of the most important of all the laws of money. You should spend at least as much time studying a particular investment as you do earning the money to put into that particular investment. The only thing easy about money is losing it. If you think you can afford to lose a little, you’re going to end up losing a lot. Invest only with experts who have a proven track record of success with their own money.

The Law of Magnetism

The more money you save and accumulate, the more money you attract into your life. The Law of Magnetism has been written about for more than 5,000 years. It explains much about success and failure in every area of life, especially in the financial arena. The more positive emotion you associate with your money, the more opportunities you will attract to acquire even more.

Action Exercise

Take time every day, every week, and every month to reflect on your financial situation and look for ways to deploy your finances more intelligently. The more time you take to think intelligently about your finances, the better decisions you will make and the more money you will have to think about.


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Wealth Creation Strategies

By Brian Tracy


What People Need

Wealth creation occurs when you produce a product or service that people want and need and are willing to pay for at a price that is in excess of your total cost of producing that product or service. The key to business success has always been the same, find a need and fill it. We all earn our livings by serving other people in some way. Your business goal is to find out what people really want and need, and then give it to them better and faster than anyone else.


Secrets of Market Leadership

Hundreds of companies have been studied to discover the secrets of market leadership. There are three secrets. The first one is Operational Excellence—the company has developed the ability to produce its products and services at a cost substantially lower than its competitors. The second is Customer Intimacy—the company develops a close relationship with its customers based on excellent knowledge of the customer’s business. Thirdly, there is Technological Superiority—the company offers a product or service that is superior to that of its competitor.


There are several strategies that you can follow to create additional value for your customers and additional wealth for yourself. Improve your product or service in some way so that it is better than that of your competitors, at the same or at a lower price. Produce or deliver your product or service faster than your competitors. Produce your product or service cheaper than your competitors, maintaining or increasing your level of quality. Offer better follow-up and support services to go along with your product or service than your competitors. Make your product easier to acquire and more readily available than your competitors. Make your prices and terms more attractive and convenient than your competitors. Include additional products and services with your offerings, at the same price.



Your reputation in the marketplace determines how much you can sell, and the prices you charge. The friendliness of your staff and the ease of doing business with you is a key part of your reputation. Your credibility with your customers, the degree to which they see you as trustworthy and dependable is a key value to your customers. Selling to an individual customer requires an impeccable reputation and a focus on the improvement your product or service makes in their lives. What does your product achieve for your customer? What does your product help your customer to avoid? What does your product help your customer to preserve? How does your product help your customer to get better results in his life?


Action Exercise

List three ways that you could improve the relationships that you have with your customers.

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