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One of the Strategies of life!!!

One of the Strategies of life!!! – Video Link

In Hindi we popularly say – “Bakra Fasana”

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A solid base for success is perseverance. Dismissed from a major newspaper with the advice to try something else because he had no talent, a young man considered giving up — but he didn’t. His name . . . Walt Disney.

Another young man who loved flying, crash-landed the first two times he soloed and, the third time, he flew head-on into another aircraft. Give up? Not Admiral Richard Byrd!

Author Rod Serling of Twilight Zone fame, wrote and tried to market 40 stories before he sold one.

The Golden Arches are a universal sign recognized throughout the world. Ronald McDonald is a household name. The result of talent? Perhaps. But more than that, it is the result of the motto adopted by McDonald executives: “Press on!”

Yes, a solid base for success is perseverance. The great triumphs of your career will be the rewards of your persistence. Never depend on your genius to carry you. If you have talent, improve it. If you have none, develop it, but do not depend on it. The rewards of your efforts are the results of persistence. Perseverance, not genius, separates winners from the losers. Sixty percent or more of your time is spent in a negative environment. Three of every five people you meet on will likely deflate your self confidence / ego. It’s perseverance that serves you in such a climate. Never give up!


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Three Principles for Great Success

Get Better Results than Ever Before
There are several principles of military strategy that you can apply to your business, every single day. These can help you to think better and get better results than ever before.

  • Do the Unexpected

One really helpful military principle that can be applied to business is the Principle of Surprise. The principle of surprise says, “do the unexpected!” In sales and marketing, this means to be continually seeking ways to out-flank or upset your competition.

  • Do the Opposite of Before

Sometimes doing exactly the opposite of what you have been doing up till now can turn out to be the perfect solution. The natural tendency for a person, when they find themselves in a hole, is to dig deeper. In many cases, the solution is to go and dig somewhere else. Remember, the first law of holes is, “When you find yourself in one, stop digging.”

Follow-up and Follow-Through
A second military principle that applies to business is the Principle of Exploitation. The principle of exploitation emphasizes the importance of follow-up and follow-through. In business, this means that, when you get an opportunity, you exploit it to the fullest extent possible. If you have a great promotional idea or product or service, you sell all you can. You take advantage of your idea or breakthrough and use every opportunity to capitalize on it.

Work Harmoniously With Others
The third principle of military strategy that applies to personal and corporate thinking is the Principle of Cooperation. In business, this is often called the principle of synergy. In military terms, this is often called the principle of “concerted action.” In business terms, your ability to work effectively and harmoniously with other individuals and groups is more responsible for your success than any other quality.

  • Win the Cooperation of Key People

A key part of strategic thinking is for you to identify the individuals, groups and organizations whose cooperation you will require to achieve your goals. Make a list of them and then organize the list in order of importance. Then ask yourself, “How am I going to win their cooperation?”

  • Answer Everyone’s Favorite Question

Everybody wants to know, “what’s in it for me?” The effective executive is always looking for ways to help or assist others knowing that this is the only sure way to create within them a desire to help you to achieve your goals.

By doing the unexpected, by following up and following through, and by constantly looking for ways to get other people to cooperate with you, you will accomplish more in a shorter time than you might ever have imagined.

Action Exercises
Here are two things you can do immediately to apply these ideas in your business and in your work:

First, look at your job, especially the areas where you are experiencing frustration, and question whether or not there is a completely different way of approaching your problem or situation. Do the unexpected. Perhaps you should be doing exactly the opposite of what you are doing today. All success in business comes from surprising the competition in some way.


By Brian Tracy

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It’s important to understand two fundamental principles about self-image: • You will be true to your self-image. You will perform the way you see yourself performing. • Your self-image can and does change.

The expectant approach, the expectant presentation and the expectant close are what produce the desired results. People can, who think they can. People can’t, who think they can’t. This is an unchanging, indisputable law of selling and of life itself.

Count as an enemy the person who shakes your expectation of your selling ability. Remember, as a professional salesperson your self-confidence is the one thing you can never afford to surrender. Nothing multiplies a salesperson’s ability like faith in himself or herself. It will make a one-talent person a success – while a ten-talent person without it will fail.

How often have you heard said about some successful person, “Everything he or she touches turns to gold?” We sometimes think of successful people as being lucky. The fact is, their success represents their expectations – it’s the sum of their habitual ways of thinking. By the force of their expectations, such persons wring success from the most adverse circumstances.

Expectation brings successful experiences and successful experiences reinforce the power of confidence in selling.

Individuals who are self-reliant, positive, optimistic, and assured “magnetize” conditions. They carry in their presence an air of victory that compounds its power by convincing others. Their poise, assurance and ability increase in direct ratio to the number of selling achievements.

Launch your success offensive with a sincere belief in yourself.


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